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     The categorisations detailed below is not a clear-cut thematic formulations but rather arbitrary clustering based on a major theme, style, or works from an intimate circle of artists based within a specific atelier. Moreover, one theme or stye will come under a particular heading even though the same work might also be relevant in content to another. Hence, readers should throughly analyse most of the headings for finding a comprehensive background for their interests and research. The headings will be accompanied with references as academic monographs, articles, and entries provided in the Bibliographic Guide section and some of the referential details such as auction catalogues will be provided with images.

Artistic Heritage of the Ṣafavid Īrān

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Portraits and Portrayals of the Ṣafavid Dynastic Lineage

Portrayals and depictions below are based on chronological succession of the Ṣafavid dynastic lineage, although starting from the founder of the Ṣafaviyya order, Ṣafī l-Dīn Isḥaq Ardabīlī (d. 935 h./1334).

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Muġal Portraits and Portrayals of the Ṣafavid Dynastic Lineage and Courtly Figures

Ṣafavid Portraits of the Courtly, Mystic, Religious, and Scholarly Figures

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